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Do Not Give In to DespairQuit

DespairQuit is like RageQuit, except instead of being angry, you just sorta give up. I know this, because I keep skating that line on Overwatch.

I know that I can succeed at the game, I've done it once. Maybe even twice, I think? But I'm unsure of my memory on the second one. But yes, on one "deny the escort" mission, my team actually did deny the escort, thanks to a last-second overtime push.

Every other time I've attempted pvp, I just get stomped. :-` Hard. And after two or three attempts, I can't think through my frustration.

"So Gneech," I hear you say, "why do you keep playing it?" It's a good question, and I don't have a real good answer. I like the game, I like the world and the characters, I like the design of it all. A lot of what I like about Overwatch is explained in this article on Wired. In fights against bots, I tend to do fairly well and have a good time... but fighting against bots is not playing the game as intended. :P

I would like to think that if I could find some teammates and get a groove on, I might start to get better. Unfortunately, the people I know tend to be on way past my bedtime– or if they are on when I'm on, my computer blows up its own brain rather than let me play.

I am reaching the point where I worry that even if I do ever manage to find a team, I'm just going to be a weight around their neck anyway, because I am such a lousy player. :P

So sometime in the near future (maybe this weekend if I can arrange it) I'm going to declare "Get Decent at Overwatch" day and just be on pretty much all day, trying to group with anyone I know and going into live games in pure student mode. Win, lose, die trying, doesn't matter. I'm just going to spend my time trying to learn from people in the game and do something more effective than getting killed constantly.

I had a patch like this in LotRO, and I did eventually manage to get through it with the help of my friends and get to a place where I was pretty good. I want to do that again, here.

Thanks for listening. Have a music video for your time.

-The Gneech
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