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A Brief Spurt of Actual Content

I know, I know, everything posting here has been aggregated Tweets. That's 'cos I was busy AnthroConning! Alas, we dropped sirfox at BWI this afternoon, which is the last item on the agenda that's actually the con. I do have post-con homework to do, but that's a separate thing.

AnthroCon was cool and fun and a con; it wasn't the best one ever, but it was far from the worst one either. It was a fairly condensed con, in that I didn't do a lot of going around to see and hang out with people, or ranging all over Pittsburgh for weird dinner events. It was pretty much "sit at the table all day, hang out in the Zoo at night."

Sales were quite good on Friday. Saturday was almost completely flat (which I blame mostly on the Parade That Wouldn't Die), and Sunday picked up a bit. The net result was a solid but unspectacular con business-wise. That's a slight uptick from the "disappointing" trend the cons have had for the past few years, so I'll take it. :)

There was no major discernible trend this year; there was some Zootopia stuff of course, but nowhere near as much as I expected, and a few folks doing stuff with Overwatch besides me, but no obvious "Year of the Ponies" or "Everything Undertale" moments.

So, like I say, a good con. And that was the last major thing on my agenda until Dragon*Con, so... all that "stuff I will take care of after AnthroCon"? You're up next.

Starting tomorrow. ¬.¬

-The Gneech
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