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  • Thu, 08:47: RT @TerryBlas: If you're sick of hearing about Pokemon Go for the past week let me tell you what hearing about sports is like for the past…
  • Thu, 09:09: The more Ana I see, the more reservations I have. :P
  • Thu, 09:18: I mean she’s basically a “DENY ALL THE THINGS” character.
  • Thu, 09:18: “Rushing to grab a health pack? NO HEALZ GRENADE!” “Saved up your ult and you’re gonna make the big play? SLEEP!"
  • Thu, 09:18: People already ragequit over Mei. I can only imagine the hate Ana’s gonna generate.
  • Thu, 09:19: “You don’t get to do the fun thing!” is not good game design, IMO.
  • Thu, 09:20: Pretty sure that’s on Youtube somewhere.
  • Thu, 10:06: RT @trpeal: I want a window sticker that reads "Kaiju Onboard" in Japanese.
  • Thu, 10:26: Optimist, pessimist, cat.
  • Thu, 10:30: Quibble Pants
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