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  • Wed, 00:58: Gnite world, and have an awesome tomorrow!
  • Wed, 09:30: Every day is lion day! RAWR
  • Wed, 09:40: RT @aipsmith: Newt Gingrich has said that Trump will be "at least as reliable" as Andrew Jackson as Pres. A historian responds: https://t.c…
  • Wed, 10:10: Nerdist: You Can’t Force the Things You Loved as a Kid to Grow Up with You
  • Wed, 10:28: Amiga games for your browser. :D
  • Wed, 10:33: Big problem I see with a lot of #webcomics: the author assumes you know the context in their head. Chars: “It’s YOU! *gasp*” Me: “Who?"
  • Wed, 10:34: As stilted as traditional comics and newspaper comics’ “Tell each other things they already know” style was, it was clear for the reader.
  • Wed, 10:35: Being able to go back and binge-read the archives is great, but people aren’t going to do that unless the current story grabs.
  • Wed, 10:35: New readers need to have a place where they can jump in and get up to speed. Especially in long-running comics.
  • Wed, 10:37: A comic I’ve been reading for a while has had five or six different people show up, have a character say “Oh no, not you again."
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