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  • Mon, 22:23: Ered Luin, the Shire, Eregion, Moria, and Mirkwood are still cool… can’t imagine putting up w/ the rest just for those, tho.
  • Mon, 22:25: Sure as heck don’t want to go through North Downs or Angmar ever again. XD
  • Mon, 22:28: LotRO was the most beautiful game I’d ever seen when it was new. It’s still beautiful, but is clunky compared to Overwatch.
  • Mon, 22:28: But then, it’s what? Eight years old I think? That’s a long, long time for a game graphics engine.
  • Mon, 22:28: And Overwatch maps are tiny compared to the LotRO landscape.
  • Mon, 22:30: So, yeah. Some nostalgic fun, but not likely to get seriously back into it.
  • Mon, 22:30: But now… tired. G’nite world, and have an awesome tomorrow. :)
  • Tue, 08:54: *has lots of thoughts about something* *doesn’t post them* *claims a cookie*
  • Tue, 08:58:
  • Tue, 09:03: Some pitch-perfect D.Va cosplay.
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