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  • Mon, 10:28: RT @CountGore: Spread the word! #ThingDouble
  • Mon, 10:47: Dear Publishing Industry and Fantasy Readers: How can you stand 100,000 words? -.- Ugh.
  • Mon, 11:03: I want writing a book to be like a TV episode. 100,000 words is writing an entire season. :P
  • Mon, 11:15: I guess it relates to why I wanted to do comics. I like small vignettes that add up to a larger story, not a single thing that goes forever.
  • Mon, 11:16: But honestly? Looking at the analogy of “chapter : episode :: book : season” might just help me break through my “books too short” problem.
  • Mon, 11:18: Interesting story fodder here. @Inkblitzer might want to check it for his NaNoWriMo project.
  • Mon, 11:40: RT @cleolinda: The depression is like a physical sadness and heaviness and I can't outthink it? My brain is very confused? Why are we sad,…
  • Mon, 11:41: RT @NateSilver538: It's been so long since the Cubs last played in the World Series that the 2016 presidential campaign hadn't even started…
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