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Suburban Jungle Update and Patreon Changing

Three Lions and an Otter

First item of news: Issue Five launches on November 14th. I’m still kinda trying to figure out what I’m doing with it, but I’ve also reached the point where if I don’t set a deadline, it’ll languish, and I need to force my mental waveform to collapse (so to speak). I’m also going to be working on NaNoWriMo at the same time, and posting chunks of the NaNo project to my Patreon page for supporters.

Which leads to the topic of Patreon. I think I need to just come out and say it: I am terrible at running a Patreon. I have never been good at the “business hustle” part of being a professional artist, it’s just an alien world to me– and honestly, mental bandwidth I’ve been burning on trying to figure it out has been not just wasted, but siphoned away from the actual process of making the art. In short, I can run the business or make the product, but I can’t do both, and I need to stop trying.

How does that effect my Patreon? Well, my first inclination was to simply delete it entirely. But the strange thing about it is that many of my supporters have said they don’t really care about the “rewards” levels anyway, they just want to support my work. It’s kinda like the old Paypal tip jar, just a little more formalized.

So I’ve decided to leave the Patreon up, but I’m going to remove the reward tiers and make it a simple binary, “yes, you’re a subscriber, or no you aren’t” system. All subscribers will have access to all the Patreon content, which will include immediate comic page postings, draft chapters of books in progress, and so forth. I am also looking at changing it to a “per posting” model, and would be curious to hear any opinions folks have on the topic.

In any case, I’m going to make this change now, between monthly cycles, to give people plenty of time to adjust and/or bail if they wish.

Thanks for your patience! I hope to have some cool stuff for you soon.

-The Gneech



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Oct. 25th, 2016 12:44 pm (UTC)
Patreon is interesting. I support a pawful of artists, but it is purely to give them a monthly tip; I don't want any perks out of it, though it's nice to see WIPs and get what feels like a secret, personal email from the creator.

However, as soon as I sign up to support someone on Patreon, I become a much bigger fan of theirs. Obviously I wouldn't be tipping if I wasn't a fan anyway, but Patreon seems to add a personal connection that makes me want to bat for the creator, e.g. finding people who might like their work and going 'hey, hey, look at this artist'.
Oct. 25th, 2016 02:04 pm (UTC)
Kind of a "LiveJournal + paywall + patronage" thing all rolled into one! If it had come out in 1998, I would have been all over it then. ;) These days I have so many outlets I need to force myself to remember them all.

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