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Trixie's Great and Powerful Road Trip

It was half memory, half episode, and half hidden object game. The fact that there were three halves is reconciled by the fact that dreams do what they want.

Trixie, Twilight Sparkle, and a third character (who was either Cranky Doodle or Fluttershy or possibly both, because, y'know, dreaming) were traveling together, for reasons which were either not made clear or which I've forgotten. They were only in one "scene" together, in which they were in a shared hotel room, bickering about who would get which bed and similar trivialities. Trixie said to Twilight, "For being the Princess of Friendship, you aren't very friendly to me," to which Twilight replied, "Well maybe I would be if you weren't so snide to me all the time! How am I supposed to make friends with someone who constantly wants to stick it to me?"

If Trixie had an answer for that, the scene didn't show it, transitioning instead to the hidden object sequence. The premise here was that wherever they had traveled to was "cursed," which basically meant there were cartoony halloween spiders, jack o-lanterns, ghosts, and things floating around, it was constantly night, and everything was glowy green and purple. The hidden object sequences consisted of finding and removing the "cursed items" from each scene, which would then make it go "POOF!" and become an idyllic sunny daylight version of the same scene. Honestly, I think this was just my brain remembering a game I actually played that had basically this setup, except when things got "found" they'd disappear with the graphics of one of Trixie's smoke bombs and she'd say something like "Gotcha!" "Zap!" "Ta-daaa!" "The Great and Powerful TRIXIE!"

Gotta say, I wish the Gameloft MLP game had a mode like this. XD

From here the dream wandered to the real world (or at least, a dream instance of the real world, as opposed to being Equestria), but it still featured Trixie wandering around doing stuff. She was attempting to get to a spa as far as I can tell (because, y'know, pony), and trying to catch a bus. For reasons which I missed, she actually ended up on top of the bus, clinging to the destination sign for dear life. The last thing I remember, as the bus reached her stop and she was trying to gingerly climb down onto the bus's rear-view mirror to get down, was Trixie saying "What a great and powerfully embarrassing moment!" and rolling her eyes.

Then I woke up.

-The Gneech
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