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Sweat Level: Whiffy

There are quantum levels of sweat, and you can sometimes tell the state of your health and activity level by which ones you find yourself falling into.

  1. Passive Sweat. This is your basic temperature-regulating perspiration. Unless it's particularly warm, you won't even notice it, but it is the reason you need to do laundry. Passive sweat is always there.

  2. Hot In Here Sweat. You're not moving, but your body is warm anyway. Passive Sweat gets less passive. It won't help, but your body doesn't know that.

  3. Working (Up a) Sweat. Climbing stairs or carrying heavy groceries, this level is pretty much Passive Sweat kicked up a notch. If you push hard enough, this will kick up again to the next level.

  4. Deep Sweat. When your body starts running out of pure(-ish) water to ooze out, other things start getting mixed in, such as ammonia, urea, salt, and sugar. This is the point at which people prone to saying such things enthuse about workouts "purging toxins." Yes, it is true, but going to the bathroom does it too. Passive Sweat will make your laundry whiffy later because bacteria starts to grow in it, but Deep Sweat is already stinky when it comes out.

  5. Now THAT'S Sweat. When you hit the point above and keeep oonnn gooingg you get to the really deep stuff. When you're drenched, and exhausted, and still going, your body starts squeezing out everything it can find. Besides just cleaning out whatever junk might be floating around in your system, your body starts using up chemicals it normally prefers to have on hand for other things. This is why Gatorade is a thing.

The more often you get to the "Deep Sweat" level, at least in theory, the more "toxins" and things get flushed out. A lot of people have the idea that fat burning is going on here, and it is to some extent, but it's not like fat turns into sweat and oozes out your pores. In point of fact, most burned fat converts into carbon dioxide and you just breathe it out (which is another point in favor of aerobics/cardio). Most of the rest is converted into water which... okay, fair enough, you either sweat out or flush down the toilet. But not right then while you're doing jumping jacks! The process takes time.

The other good thing about getting to the "Deep Sweat" level is that's when post-workout endorphins start showing up. If you've heard of a "runner's high," or even just been pumped after a good workout, this is what you're getting. Exercise, especially tough workouts, can be addictive, and if you're going to be addicted to something, it's a really good choice.

So far I have hit Deep Sweat level every day this week. I'm diggin' it. ;)

-The Gneech
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