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In Which Twitter Won't Stop Rolling Around in Crap

Look. There's a lot of crap going on just now. With a few bright exceptions (e.g., Zootopia), crap has pretty much been the defining factor of 2016. I get it. It's a real problem that needs dealing with.

But a) there is more to life, and b) there has always been and will always be a lot of crap going on.

Over the past weeks I have had to cut several follows out of my Twitter feed because while they used to talk about a wide variety of things, they have become a never-ending series of howling shrieks about the latest Awful Thing, with nothing else to even punctuate it. And I thought I was done, but... nope. It has now reached the point where it seems like everyone I follow is doing that. People who were once mostly-positive have either gone quiet or turned negative. People who used to post about geeky esoterica have joined the shrieking chorus. They've got their reasons, and people have to do what they feel is right. But I also have my own mental health to take care of.

I'm all for staying informed; but this can be done in short bursts at strategic points during your day. A never-ending firehouse of panic, hatred, and horror is neither healthy nor useful. Even if I agree with everything being said, I frankly don't want to hear about it 24/7.

So for the moment at least, I have been largely avoiding Twitter, the same way I have avoided Facebook as long as there has been a Facebook to avoid. I miss being able to see my friends and the occasional celebrity chatter over the course of the day, but until the country gets through this giant spasm of stupid self-destruction and we have adults running the show again, that's all the chatter is about anyway.

For those who need that, who are taking comfort in not feeling alone in their distress, or are using it as a coping mechanism, my blessings and I hope you get better soon. For myself, I need to focus on the positive and keep working to make things better, and I can't do that with people yelling in my figurative ear all day.

So if you see less of me on Twitter, that's why. I'll still be around in bursts, and you can still reach me with mentions, DMs and whatnot. When the fire's put out, I'll probably be back to my chatty self again.

-The Gneech
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