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Every Lion (and Otter) Has His Day

Three Lions and an Otter

One of the purposes of identifying the three lions and an otter was they made handy touchstones for the tasks I need to get through with my writing and illustration. My plan was (and still pretty much is) that each of them would get a certain day (or days) during the week for their thing, to help me keep focused and on task.

Of the four of them, Content Guy requires the most time, because he’s the one who actually does the writing and drawing. On the other hand, Business Guy’s stuff doesn’t take as long, but it’s such a struggle for him that it feels like it takes forever. Fandom Guy loves what he does and is always having fun, but he has to focus his efforts on the days when people are most likely to be listening.

Muse never does anything directly. So she has no day… or it might be said she has every day.

Thus, assuming a five-day work week (which may or may not be a valid assumption), the week breaks down like so:

  • Monday: Fandom Guy! I haven’t looked into it recently, but for a long time the stats of websites made it very clear that Monday was the day people were most likely to check out links and want to be distracted from their day. So if Fandom Guy wants attention, this is the day to go for it. That’s why Suburban Jungle goes up on Mondays, and so when Fandom Guy has something to say, that’s the day you can expect to hear from him.

  • Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: Content Guy. Assuming nothing else gets in the way, these are the days our hard-working lion spends down in the pixel mines. Of course, this can also include work for Fandom Guy in the case of things like streaming sessions or posting commissions and the like. But these days are mostly for just getting the work done.

  • Friday: Business Guy. Last but not least, our frazzled number cruncher does his thing on Fridays, whether it’s paying the bills, keeping URLs up to date, booking convention hotels/travel, hunting down markets/editors to submit to, or updating merchandise availability. Why does he get Friday? So that at the end of a long day doing things for which he has little talent and less patience, he can kick back and have the weekend. 😉 He earns it!

Now given that the average page of Suburban Jungle takes me two days to draw, this means that Content Guy only has one day dedicated to business writing gigs, commissions, book writing and whatever else. But the sneaky trick here is that Fandom Guy and Business Guy rarely need a whole day each week, so Content Guy gets whatever they don’t use. Also, well, weekends are a thing. As the old saying goes, “Find a job you like and you’ll never work another day of your life.” I write and draw because that’s what I enjoy doing (and because I kinda can’t not do them), so as long as I have some time to spend with Mrs. Gneech and the kitties, “working” on the weekend is the opposite of a problem.

And on that note, I’ve got commissions to work on! Catcha later.

-The Gneech



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Dec. 23rd, 2016 03:01 pm (UTC)
Really, they say Monday is the best? Personally I've always felt that posting things on Friday (or more ideally, Thursday) gets the most traffic because many people generally look on weekends after being busy during the week...so if something goes up Monday it can get lost in the flood of new content from the rest of the week. I've generally seen disappointing results doing Monday morning. But then, I'm posting art, not webcomics... and now that I think about it, maybe being West Coast means anything Monday "morning" here is close to lunchtime for everyone else. Hrm.

Also, doing business at the end of the week...arencha tired by then??
Dec. 23rd, 2016 03:17 pm (UTC)
Back when the original SJ was doing M-W-F updates, Mondays had twice the views as Fridays, and Wednesday split the difference. I don't know if it's still true, I don't have comparable data. :)

Yes, I am tired. ;) But I'm gonna be grouchy doing numbers anyway, I might as well get all my grouchy out in one burst.

Dec. 23rd, 2016 06:29 pm (UTC)
Right, but that's potentially including people who didn't check Weds/Fri. A comparison could only be drawn if you only updated Monday OR Friday...

Ha! Then relax for the weekend? Okay, I diggit...
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