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Find the Right Future and Move Towards It

So I had this idea a little while back, but it came into sharp focus last night. (And I'm sure I can't have been the first person to think of this, but I've never heard anyone else express it before.)

When you combine reincarnation with vibration theory/LoA, there’s an interesting implication. There are future life progressions of a post-apoc Earth, but there are also future life progressions of harmony and kumbaya et al. And according to LoA, reality lines itself up to match your own vibration, right? So maybe there are divergent timelines, the infinite universe model basically, all vibrating at different wavelengths, and your own personal vibration determines which future “you” go to. If your vibration matches a “dying Earth” future, that’s the one you end up in. If your vibration matches a “things getting better” future, you go to that one instead.

There are all kinds of weird wrinkles to this notion, not the least of which is, if “you” go to one future, who the heck is that in all those others? Aren’t they also “you”? Is it like a cosmic Github, with trunks and branches? Are there an infinite number of “instances” of me– just this current incarnation me, not the big-picture me? And if so, are there an infinite number of instances of all my other incarnations?


Brain-breaking as this concept is, it also has one huge implication: if you can match your personal vibration to a good future, that will send you there. All those platitudes about keeping your chin up, looking on the bright side, etc? That’s really what they’re all pointing at. The faith that moves mountains, as they say, boils down to matching your own vibration to that of a future in which the mountain has moved– as opposed to all those other futures in which the mountain just sat there.

This is a strangely empowering idea, but also one that will mess with your head. Because you can’t just “wish real hard” and have it happen. In fact, “wishing real hard” usually comes from fear that the outcome you want won’t happen and that’s where your vibration goes. Indeed, the most effective approach, from a LoA standpoint, is to take it as read that good things will happen, move forward and take action based on that belief, and let the Universe handle the details.

Where have I heard that before? XD

When you boil it down, LoA is the same basic stuff as pretty much any religion, just with a different skin. Insert “God” for “the Universe” and “prayer” for “affirmations” and you’ve got the same practices that the human race has followed for thousands of years. It depersonalizes the deity, and turns the action of prayer into working on your own psyche instead of a phone call with God, but the actions you are actually taking are almost exactly the same. Does it work? Some people swear by it (like, literally), and for other people, not so much. But it’s very interesting (at least to me) how the same core things keep reinventing themselves over and over.

-The Gneech


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Dec. 18th, 2016 03:50 pm (UTC)
Wouldn't this kind of Good Future necessarily be populated with like minded people? I don't see that.
Dec. 18th, 2016 04:07 pm (UTC)
Well, like-minded people -do- tend to cluster. ;)

But new people are being made all the time (not to mention being recycled, so to speak), it's not like the future you go to is a fixed thing.

Also, people change over time– usually becoming more and more like themselves as time goes on, but sometimes with wild and radical shifts (e.g, being "born again" on one end, or burning out and getting bitter on the other).

On top of which, except at the very extremes, one planet can hold many "worlds." Some people have happy and loving families living in nice houses and never having to worry about anything, while others are fleeing from bombs dropping on their tiny tenements.

So the answer is "probably, yes, maybe even hopefully, but not necessarily."

Dec. 18th, 2016 05:57 pm (UTC)
the 'you' in those other realities is the 'you' that vibrated that way, you didn't think there's just the one you and bajillion universes, right?

As for where you've heard something similar before, i will hold up a hand and admit that everything reminds me of something Terry Pratchett, but what you said matches somewhat closely with the Pratchett / Granny Weatherwax theory of Narrative Causality. Stories Want to Happen, and will happen right in your face if you let them. Instead, see the story, ride it, and steer it, and you get the outcome you want.

from a more psychological viewpoint, humans see the world in stories. Everything is a story. (there's a case our species should really be Pan Narrans, the Storytelling Ape.) Religion's a story about how people work, Science is a story about how the universe works, History is a very VERY long story about what we've done to each other and the world around us. Bob buying a Lottery Ticket is the story of the Working Class Schmuck who Won It Big because he DESERVED TO. It's a cheap story, only costs a dollar to live the fantasy for a day or two.

Also, it's the reason any freshly minted despot, dictator, and fascist tends to have a lot of artists, writers, and other intellectuals rounded up and killed. These are people who know how to see a story coming, and maybe craft another one.

Probably, a significant portion of the reason Hillary Lost was that she didn't have a Story much more compelling than "More of the Same, and I'm not Him!" Bernie had little other than a Compelling Story, and 4-5 decades of on-the-record honesty and consistency in his message, and Her entire machine, DNC in bed with Hillary from before day 1, almost couldn't stop him.

Fake News, for that matter, also works because, well, it's often a story that people want to hear, or reinforces whatever bias they've got in the first place.

Learning to See a Story in the Wild, recognize it for whatever it is: BS news, political catastrophe, business opportunity, or just a pivot point towards a better life, Seeing the story can let you understand where it's going, and maybe where to hold on and steer things or step aside and let that train wreck pile on by without you. Stories Matter.
Dec. 18th, 2016 11:15 pm (UTC)
Well then that leads to the question of what makes me "me" and those other me's "not me." Which is a whole other series of brain explosions waiting to happen.

...Or that have already happened in other universes.

-The Gneech
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