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Getting Set Up on Dreamwidth

Assuming no unseen glitches, my [mumble] years of LiveJournal entries and the associated comments have been imported to Dreamwidth. The first thing I notice is that all the embeds are broken, so all those bazillion YouTube videos now just have an error code up instead.


It could be worse; it's rare that I go back and re-watch a video after a week or so anyway, and a lot of the oldest ones fall off of YouTube after a while as it is. If I really want a video in my new journal ("in my Dreamwidth" doesn't roll off the tongue the way "in my LiveJournal" does, alas), I'll look it up and post it again.

There are other wonky bits that I'll need to figure out. There isn't any Twitter integration, for instance, and I kinda depend on Twitter to get the word out about my posts. And of course, the low traffic problem of LJ is doubled by Dreamwidth's "LJ backup option" status. I've found a number of people I follow on LJ here, only to see that all they posted was a "Setting up a Dreamwidth account!" post and nothing else. XD

Oh well, guilty. ^.^'

But I'm going to keep poking around, find some communities to follow and settings to tweak, and so on. We'll work it out!

-The Gneech

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