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  • Thu, 08:11: Contemplate the tuna, my disciples.
  • Thu, 08:59: RT @middleageriot: President Trump is furious that the media is making him look bad by pointing cameras at him while he says and does stuff…
  • Thu, 09:03: RT @guigar: My 11yo, on his school play: "I have the lead role. But some people may differ on that opinion."
  • Thu, 09:15: RT @anthrocon: What they said. On that note, we recommend following @vstpgh_housing as they will be an additional source of info when hote…
  • Thu, 09:19: RT @TheDailyEdge: Punxsutawney Phil sees his shadow, forecasting 6 more weeks of white supremacist Executive Orders from Steve Bannon #Grou
  • Thu, 09:20: RT @Massawyrm: Oh, hey. GOOD NEWS! HOLY SHIT! HONEST TO GOD GOOD NEWS! This is the bill that would sell 3.3M acres of public land. Killing…
  • Thu, 09:21: RT @samknight1: Ahahaha keep using the "this is the 'tolerant left'" line. We don't fucking tolerate fascism and never have. We have made o…
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