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  • Fri, 21:35: RT @dangillmor: No political intent here whatsoever...
  • Fri, 23:56: RT @GMSarli: Be safe, everyone. We'll get through this.
  • Fri, 23:59: RT @JimLK: You're not alone. - Nearly a third of people say they have been less productive at work since the election.
  • Sat, 00:02: Got too much on my mind tonight, it's turning into a high-pitched buzzing noise in my head.
  • Sat, 00:03: Really sick of feeling like I have to call my Reps every day, but the shitshow keeps getting shittier.
  • Sat, 00:07: Also bummed about job hunt, and I've got it relatively easy. Big love and props to people who keep going in the face of tougher odds!
  • Sat, 00:09: Finally, looking at my art tonight, I feel like I need to go back and brush up on my basics. Having trouble picturing solid shapes.
  • Sat, 00:10: Like, I know what a furry is "supposed to look like" and I'm drawing that, as opposed to drawing the actual thing.
  • Sat, 00:12: It's kind of a hard idea to get across. It's kinda like a musical instrument where I've memorized the fingering but not how to play.
  • Sat, 00:20: Anyway, it doesn't help that I probably should have been asleep an hour ago. Guess I should fix that. ;P
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