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  • Wed, 23:04: RT @JElvisWeinstein: Shame! Shame! Come back, Shame!
  • Wed, 23:07: RT @KyliaWoof: If a hobby brings you joy and happiness and is not harmful to yourself or others than it is valid and a good hobby and you s…
  • Wed, 23:09: RT @ziwe: instead of lusting after sexy, younger planets, you should appreciate the loving earth that's stuck by your cheating ass this who…
  • Wed, 23:10: RT @jennmercerFE: The more I think about it, the more I think we should just ban urinals. Sorry guys, great time saver, but everyone just g…
  • Wed, 23:12: RT @jasuja: San Jose Gurdwara (Sikh Temple) is open to anyone affected by #sanjosefloods. Religion, caste no bar. Please spread the message…
  • Wed, 23:13: RT @SciencePorn:
  • Wed, 23:14: RT @JordanUhl: Groups harmed by Trump so far: -Trans kids -Refugees -Immigrants -Muslims Not harmed: -ISIS -Russian hackers -His wealthy c…
  • Wed, 23:40: RT @cracked: There 👏 sure 👏 are 👏 a lot 👏 of 👏 mosquitos 👏 around.
  • Wed, 23:54: 1) I keep being hungry, and it’s frustrating. I ate all the foods today! :P 2) It’s almost midnight. Think I should away to bed.
  • Wed, 23:54: Gnite world. Keep striving to be better. I’ll do the same.
  • Thu, 11:23: Happy birthday, @Bauske! Guzzle some pac-power dots for me!
  • Thu, 11:46: RT @DiscordianKitty: Witches: "We're gonna curse Trump" Me: *well that seems pointless...* Christian Trump supporters: *FREAKING THE FUCK O…
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