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  • Thu, 17:44: REALIZATION: Groot is actually a D&D troll painted brown.
  • Thu, 18:11: RT @scalzi: Hell yes @anamariecox:
  • Thu, 18:14: RT @Nick_Offerman: Splendid
  • Thu, 18:15: RT @polotek: If we can't manage to do that, it's because we care more about protecting white men than we do protecting the integrity of the…
  • Thu, 18:16: RT @polotek: Republicans on here like to taunt ppl with "8 years of Trump!" If he's around another year it'll be because the rule of law ha…
  • Thu, 18:16: RT @polotek: Let me be clear. I'm not suggesting some overt conspiracy. Powerful white men are almost always complicit in protecting each o…
  • Thu, 18:17: RT @polotek: Look how quick Kathy Griffin went down. Bill Maher still working. Gianforte got elected. They want Clinton to dispappear from…
  • Thu, 18:17: RT @polotek: Eric Holder went down. Kaepernick can't get work. Sally Yates is out. But Spicer gets to keep lying to us every day.
  • Thu, 18:17: RT @polotek: I'm not saying some of the folks I mentioned didn't deserve consequences. But we can see the disparity in what white men get a…
  • Thu, 18:40: RT @DavidYankovich: The House votes tomorrow to repeal the regulations that stopped the 2008 financial crisis from turning America into 192…
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