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  • Sat, 07:52: Haven’t seen @lupinia lately. Hope she has a great day today! Maybe @foalpapers will pass the message on.
  • Sat, 08:25: RT @SophiaArmen: These are literally young UVA students age 17-23 standing up to a sea of white supremacists and neo-Nazis surrounding them…
  • Sat, 08:25: RT @ChuckWendig: The illusion they want to spin is that they are aggrieved and diminished when the truth is they are armored in privilege a…
  • Sat, 08:25: RT @ChuckWendig: It is that privilege and power that they wield -- as evidenced by how that mob was treated differently than if it were BLM…
  • Sat, 08:25: RT @ChuckWendig: It isn't about economics. It isn't about jobs. It is about fragile white egos, mostly in men, who have fully politicized t…
  • Sat, 08:26: RT @ChuckWendig: They're Nazis. They're white supremacists. Not the 'alt-right.' We must stand against them, as they are a cancer swiftly m…
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