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  • Mon, 19:21: RT @GodsfallDC: DMing tip about Wisdom vs. Intelligence: Intelligence tells you that Dr. Frankenstien isn't the monster. Wisdom tells yo…
  • Mon, 19:21: RT @MikeDrucker: “Stop pushing your agenda at times like this!” Just to be clear, it seems like the agenda being pushed is fewer fucking p…
  • Mon, 19:21: RT @SarcasticRover: “Humans will always murder, no gun law can change that!” screams a country that outlawed too much toothpaste on a plane.
  • Mon, 19:28: RT @KeoviArt: I'm pleased to announce that my "Ott 4 Joy" tanks are back in stock :) Grab one by Friday & enjoy a 20% discount! https://…
  • Mon, 19:29: RT @BillCorbett: If you're busy policing how other people react, you're not mourning those killed. You just don't like the politics. Which…
  • Mon, 19:43: Been earwormed by “Dude Looks Like a Lady” all day. >.< Finally knocked it out with “Spooky Scary Skeletons.” Major upgrade! #grateful
  • Mon, 21:17: Why Is the Universe So Empty? https://t.co/fFDGXTZBEa Turns out a lumpy universe is a good thing.
  • Mon, 21:35: RT @JuddLegum: NRA estimating that it will take 8 days for everyone to forget about this so they can resume bankrolling politicians https:/…
  • Mon, 21:42: Dreamwidth: Turns Out the Universe is NOT a Hologram. https://t.co/lj03LRrW7G
  • Mon, 21:46: “Imagination allows us to conceive of delightful future possibilities, pick the most amazing one, and pull the present forward to meet it."

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