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  • Sun, 02:14: Gnite world, and have an awesome tomorrow! Or at an awesome later today? However it works.
  • Sun, 02:19: Oh! Back for one last thing of interest to @DemonBob_Badman and @Inkblitzer...
  • Sun, 10:01: RT @MitchBenn: Nothing illustrates the US news divide better than conservatives wondering why Hollywood liberals won't condemn Weinstein w…
  • Sun, 10:02: RT @pipsuxx: lil reminder that friends who constantly make you feel like shit and insist they’re “joking” when u call them out are shitty f…
  • Sun, 10:03: Seriously. They saw your feed and followed, didn't they?
  • Sun, 10:03: RT @shujaxhaider: the scariest shit is when you're having a martial arts fight with jackie chan and he picks up some harmless household obj…
  • Sun, 10:29: RT @jonasdoesstuff: A dark and gritty reboot where everything's literally dark and gritty. There's not enough light on set and the camera's…
Tags: #caturday, #deliciousflavor, #dnd, #laurelin, #lot, #lotro, #pineapplecon, twitter
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