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  • Wed, 14:54: RT @biggustiggus: I don’t think I’ve ever had a freelancer quote me n inflated rate. Consulting agencies? Many times. Freelancers? Nope. ht…
  • Wed, 14:55: Happy pupper has a happie. 12/10
  • Wed, 14:59: RT @alexandraerin: So the defining attribute of the song is ultimately that it Almost Sounds Like A Thing, But Isn't.
  • Wed, 14:59: RT @alexandraerin: Which is sort of the essence of David Pumpkins.
  • Wed, 15:02: RT @alexandraerin: What if they put him in the ride because he was just so confident, so insistent, and so unsettling that no one wanted to…
  • Wed, 15:02: RT @alexandraerin: You know who answers questions of "Who are you?" with "I AM."? Literal gods.
  • Wed, 15:02: RT @alexandraerin: David Pumpkins is the Tom Bombadil of his universe: tonally dissonant, off-putting, wacky, eldritch, and terrifying. htt…
  • Wed, 15:02: RT @alexandraerin: David Pumpkins is his own thing, "and the skeletons are"... "part of it." They have no existence outside of him, no sepa…
  • Wed, 15:05: RT @alexandraerin: The horror of David Pumpkins is: he doesn't present fear or revulsion. There's shock, but it's the wrong shock to dissip…
  • Wed, 15:05: RT @alexandraerin: And if he popped up once or only appeared near the end of the ride, you'd leave and go on your way and it would be okay.
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