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  • Mon, 08:04: RT @JesseCox: This year has been a shit show. When I'm down in the dumps, I'm given hope. When I think I'm good, I'm hit utter disappointme…
  • Mon, 08:42: Dreamwidth: Protip: Severe Dehydration Feels Just Like a Hangover
  • Mon, 10:35: Dropped off @SeiferA and @Inkblitzer at their gates, now off to lurk at Concourse L for four hours. It’s fine except for the jet fumes!
  • Mon, 10:39: RT @royalpizzaboy: I’m just sayin, the Star Wars sequel trilogy being about a diverse group of millennials dealing with an uprising of fasc…
  • Mon, 10:41: RT @muskrat_john: If you stay in a creative career long enough, your artistic weaknesses and faults become known as your ‘style,’ and I’m O…
  • Mon, 10:48: RT @DalaiLama: Peace is not brought about through conflict, but through compassion—creating peace of mind within ourselves. We all need com…
  • Mon, 10:48: RT @DanielleMuscato: this is not even an exaggeration like, at all
  • Mon, 10:50: RT @GeoffThorne: #LAWEEKLY fired their staff in order to transform the publication into a predatory business. If you want to write for free…
  • Mon, 10:50: RT @sesinkhorn: This version of Trivial Pursuit is from 2008 and I’ve never been madder at a question in my life.
  • Mon, 10:50: RT @CWF_Report: FORECAST FOR PONYVILLE: Snow flurries! Aww, a snowflake just landed on the end of your adorable nose! SO CUTE
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