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  • Wed, 04:28: RT @ezralevin: Some are up for reelection in 2018. Some are up in 2020. Some are up in 2022. They will lose and they will be publicly disgr…
  • Wed, 04:28: RT @ezralevin: 4th (last!) thought: The GOP just unilaterally changed how policy is made - and this ultimately won't work out well for them…
  • Wed, 04:28: RT @ezralevin: We must rebuild. Yes we will beat them, but we’re not just in this to “win.” The question for us now is not only how we undo…
  • Wed, 04:38: RT @valeriehalla: thank u... messages from readers and friends have pulled me through some funky feelings lately and helped me land back on…
  • Wed, 04:38: RT @valeriehalla: this runs counter to my understanding of how the internet is supposed to work and is a testament to the audience i have a…
  • Wed, 04:39: RT @JennyHodge: @brianblessed Dear Brian, please could you give little Dave the kitten a retweet to help raise funds for his treatment? Tha…
  • Wed, 04:39: RT @LeVostreGC: That ys greate, yt starteth wyth an earthquake, Foweles, adders, and aeroplanes, And Lenny Bruce nys nat afrayde
  • Wed, 05:02: RT @TheCoffeeSnolf:
  • Wed, 05:15: ^.^
  • Wed, 05:22: RT @Huskyteer: This seems a good moment to thank you all for being decent, kind people I'm proud and grateful to call my friends.
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