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My tweets

  • Wed, 14:26: RT @JulieZauzmer: Getting ready for the "bomb cyclone"? Drop off some items for people trying to weather this horrendous cold while homeles…
  • Wed, 18:43: RT @DatBirdBrain: Working on new background effects with this pic! I heard there's a slight chance of snow so Eris is watching the clouds.…
  • Wed, 18:48: Twitter, you’re messing with my head. https://t.co/ERQgqRayN1
  • Wed, 18:49: Gabby is Best Griffon. ❤️ https://t.co/wMwJS2SyHi
  • Wed, 18:49: RT @SkaterGators: done! one of my favourites I think :) https://t.co/ULjdIVYp0C
  • Wed, 18:50: RT @Anthro_NE: this weather has made us cold and sassy send us pics of puppies to warm our frozen hearts
  • Wed, 18:50: RT @DatBirdBrain: Took me most of the morning and some of the afternoon to finish this. Also, again working on backgrounds. Here's a pic o…
  • Wed, 18:53: RT @KyellGold: I want to thank everyone for all your love and positive response to my post and tweets yesterday. You guys kept me waggy all…
  • Wed, 19:04: RT @BitnerdGX: Find a positive YouTuber and prop up their work. Show why they’re worth supporting. Leave the trash in the gutter where they…
  • Wed, 20:53: RT @foxfeather: Nothing like brining in groceries, looking everywhere for something you know you bought, then realizing it was stolen by em…
  • Wed, 23:58: RT @pwcdanica: I need one more $27 donation to hit our stretch goal before midnight of $5K raised in two days entirely from people power! H…
  • Thu, 00:05: Took a big step in personal development today, and was rewarded with all kinds of synchronicities flying at my head, which amused me.
  • Thu, 10:55: Tooketh he out the Stupid Stick, and verily did he smite his enemies, and layeth waste to them. https://t.co/NxcWIk1CqU
  • Thu, 10:57: "Years ago I was talking publicly about how bad of an artist I am, and someone told me…” https://t.co/QAeICUIIqQ
  • Thu, 11:00: RT @apihtawikosisan: If paying a living wage (and let's be clear, the minimum wage in most places is NOT a living wage) will break capitali…
  • Thu, 11:02: Set in World War II, and be a Captain America crossover. #WANT #WANTSODAMNBADLY (PS: No it won’t. But I want that.… https://t.co/ruDrCjXPFg
  • Thu, 11:07: RT @ShaunKing: What’s wild about this is Republicans have fought to the death for states rights for generations. States VOTED to legalize…

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