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  • Mon, 10:43: RT @caIImbyourname: chadwick greeting daniel with the wakanda salute when get out won best feature was the purest thing ever, i love them h…
  • Mon, 10:44: RT @MinovskyArticle: British children’s programming hasn’t aged well https://t.co/zpRl9g9K2w
  • Mon, 10:44: RT @RepAdamSchiff: No, we won’t entertain a “President for Life.” We won’t pull the license of TV stations we don’t like. We won’t jail our…
  • Mon, 11:32: Meep. Meeeeep! Meeep. *nom nom nom nom* https://t.co/VmamtTq2f4
  • Mon, 11:34: RT @tedlieu: Coal is not coming back for the same reason VHS tape is not coming back. Superior technology & market forces crushed it. We…
  • Mon, 11:39: RT @buttonspony: "My Little Pony: The Movie".. Buttons awards: Best Dramatic scene: Rarity wins for "I Simply cannot even!" Best Pirate: Ca…
  • Mon, 11:40: I recommend using this to buy all of my books! In fact, buy them twice, just to be sure. There’s some other good st… https://t.co/5GQZSJzkzF
  • Mon, 11:42: RT @stealthygeek: All of Trump's incendiary public statements are what I like to call Schrödinger's Jokes. They only collapse into jokes on…
  • Mon, 11:45: RT @waltshaub: “Whoever knowingly displays any printed...likeness of the...seals of the President...in...any advertisement...or on any buil…
  • Mon, 11:46: RT @jakebe: If neo-liberals and moderates want those of us in social justice to be less offensive and more civil, then it's on them to do t…

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