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  • Sun, 07:27: RT @RobotHugsComic: I wish everyone the joy of rejecting the 'your body is a temple to be kept perfect and pure' and embracing the fact tha…
  • Sun, 07:28: RT @graveyardgreg: Carpe Diem: Issue 2, Page 1! Don't forget to RT!
  • Sun, 07:28: RT @atlasobscura: For many women of the 50s and 60s, these slim, often salacious paperbacks were pivotal. Within their pages lay proof that…
  • Sun, 07:28: RT @leeflower: I would watch the hell out of a movie called "Cloud City" about Lando waking up from a night of drunken gambling to discover…
  • Sun, 07:29: RT @_bacongod_: straight white people asking where their heterosexual pride day at when they know damn well old navy's fourth of july sale…
  • Sun, 07:29: RT @HoarseWisperer: Alternative headline: “Child forced to crowdsource money for medical care as wealthy nation refuses to improve healthca…
  • Sun, 07:31: RT @thygrrr: Holy shit. Meritocracy just took a deadly blow.
  • Sun, 07:34: Hollywood called. They want to add “a sexy blonde running for her life” but say the rest is marketing gold.
  • Sun, 07:34: RT @RoAnnaSylver: I don't care about Melania's disappearance because I care about her/don't think she's a vile boob sweat stain. I care be…
  • Sun, 07:35: RT @sapphobot: You may forget but let me tell you this: someone in some future time will think of us.
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