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  • Thu, 16:16: o/` Where are you nooooow…? o/` https://t.co/D5oUzBppH3
  • Thu, 16:16: RT @MikeRUnderwood: Every time we make wins for healthcare, we can turn them into momentum to do even more. We have a long way to go, but w…
  • Thu, 16:18: RT @Suntattoowolf: Looking to meet female and trans-fem furries? I made a fun chat to meet and greet ^_^ https://t.co/6npuFZcp30
  • Thu, 18:53: RT @alexandraerin: All of those studies of people in Trump Country USA who were shocked, shocked, that the kind man next door who is a good…
  • Thu, 18:54: RT @alexandraerin: Surely, they think, surely the leopards will know to only eat the *right* faces, the faces that need eating, and leave a…
  • Thu, 18:54: RT @alexandraerin: And then they are confused, shocked, and even insulted when people hold them accountable for their support of the monstr…
  • Thu, 18:55: RT @alexandraerin: The old "Defense of Marriage" laws are another textbook example of this. Many of them included language that expressly…
  • Thu, 18:55: RT @alexandraerin: Yet the people who voted for them, in many cases, wanted it to be known that No One Is Talking About Stopping You From V…
  • Thu, 18:56: RT @jonrog1: This was a labor of love, and everybody worked their guts out, and its tone was generally kind. Which takes more effort in TV…
  • Thu, 18:56: RT @petridishes: who wore it best: millennials or Boxer the Horse from Animal Farm?? https://t.co/eQaq0gPNoQ

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