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  • Mon, 09:41: RT @LEGO_Group: Meet the giant LEGO Gromit who’s raising money for the Bristol Children’s Hospital in the UK. Atta boy, lad! 🐶 @thegrandapp
  • Mon, 09:41: RT @Zelgadas: I just... holy shit. D&D spell slots is a perfect fucking metaphor for spoon theory. https://t.co/f0kkDPq8Ir
  • Mon, 10:10: RT @SaraMegibow: "That we’ll start to see Native Americans in the future...We can be monster hunters, or we can be space pilots or we can b…
  • Mon, 10:15: RT @DrBlinkShrink: Heroes with super-strength: Please face palm gently or you'll create a thunderclap that destroys half my office.
  • Mon, 10:21: RT @Dan_McF: To be clear, "in office arrests" refers to the surprise arrest of people who have a lawful pathway to remain in the United Sta…
  • Mon, 10:26: RT @mattyglesias: Much more important than ~takes~ about civility or “why trump won” is that the GOP has successfully entrenched itself via…
  • Mon, 10:26: RT @PoliticsWolf: Great news. Delaware has some of the worst voting laws of any state, let alone one that's solidly blue. We could be seein…
  • Mon, 11:16: RT @KeatingRogers: At #bronycon2018 I will be playing this beautiful Kala hand-painted ukulele which I will sign. It will be auctioned off…
  • Mon, 11:16: RT @classiclib3ral: conservatives: fuck your feelings snowflake libtards. Trump is here to end your political correctness. lock up immigran…
  • Mon, 11:16: RT @NormsRespecter: [republicans spend 30 years in a state of total war against minorities, the poor, the social safety net and the very co…

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