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I Have Too Much To Do! Do You Do Too?

  • MMMart icon for SJ page (April 12)
  • Strips for Mon/Weds (April 12)
  • AC conbook artwork -- The Other Tiffarella (April 12)
  • AC conbook advert? (April 12)
  • Gather SJ strips for Book 3 (April 13)
  • Spiritwalker cameo for Friday (April 14)
  • Scan TCM strips for Book 3 (April 13-14)
  • Cover art / inserts for Book 3 (April 14-18)
  • Send Book 3 files to Dave @ Plan 9 (April 20)
  • Work out printing issues for MMMart (April)
  • Dover t-shirt design for AC (April)
  • New buttons for AC (April)
  • AC charity auction pic? Artwork to sell at AC? (April)
  • Investigate access problem w/ (April)
  • Contact Wade re: 9netave account (April)
  • SJ Site Redesign/ site/ (April)
  • Gnorman commish for Azriphale (April)
  • Furbid auction artwork for on-hand cash? (April)
  • Investigate housing options (April)
  • Gag cartoons for New Yorker or other markets? (April/May)
  • "Tiger on Your Table" b/w (June)

-The Gneech
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