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  • Sat, 19:48: RT @paulandstorm: [P] We are at the first act break of Robot Restaurant and I can no longer remember a time before Robot Restaurant https:/…
  • Sat, 19:49: RT @anthrocon: From an attendee also taking the stairs: "Time to Ghostbusters this con!" https://t.co/S909JW22Fh
  • Sat, 20:44: RT @Dr_Ophelian: Trans women are women. Trans lesbians are real, and are women. The rhetoric of “lesbian erasure” is coded transphobia. TER…
  • Sat, 20:44: RT @LadyRowyn: Silver Scales is on sale today for $0.99! My fantasy novel of Kildare, a warlock running out of time to save his soul, his f…
  • Sat, 20:45: RT @SamSykesSwears: Protip: The novelty of social media as a bridge to communicate with all people has long since worn off. You don't owe a…
  • Sat, 20:45: RT @WholesomeMeme: https://t.co/rsmHRZzitI
  • Sat, 20:45: RT @hermit_hwarang: Veganism and plastic bans are nice, but have you considered dismantling the fossil fuel industry and redistributing the…
  • Sat, 20:55: RT @gailcarriger: Just texting a friend after a wardrobe consult (one of my sacred friendship duties)... “Have fun. Be fabulous. Drink th…
  • Sat, 20:56: RT @mitdasein: Women: Mermaids of the Land
  • Sat, 20:57: RT @WendyMolyneux: How is Trump ordering family separations and losing children not impeachable? Imagine one of us had lost one child. What…
  • Sat, 23:48: RT @FuzzWolf: I just watched a couple episodes of Doctor Who, and it occurred to me that I really hope they bring back River Song so she an…
  • Sat, 23:49: RT @AnthroconDances: As one last reminder, we are streaming live on https://t.co/F2M0s3nSOd and on channel 30 in the Westin hotel!! #Anthro
  • Sat, 23:50: Today was a decent day in the dealer room; not as “OMG EVERYONE THROW MONEY AT THE GNEECH” as Friday was (darn!) bu… https://t.co/7oHJ1OWu0n
  • Sat, 23:56: RT @Unclekage: Someone was smoking on the 18th floor of the Westin and set off the fire alarm. If anyone can tell me who it was, I will le…
  • Sun, 06:36: RT @walkercapl: Why Aren't Millennials Selling Their Hair To Purchase Their Boyfriend A Watch Fob Only To Discover That Their Boyfriend Has…
  • Sun, 06:43: Cannot breakfast because Pittsburgh resents me being up before 7 on a Sunday. I feel ya, Pittsburgh. #AnthroCon
  • Sun, 07:04: RT @pidgebbi: young sorceress takes an artistic risk while cursing a trespassing knight, making the situation a bit fuzzier than intended h…
  • Sun, 07:05: RT @Inkblitzer: Some day I want to enter floor wars with the group name Tech Support.
  • Sun, 08:03: One thing this weekend has driven home to me to a new level is “one person’s amazing creative thing is another pers… https://t.co/L4yWJRWAvZ
  • Sun, 08:04: Taking these shots out of context creates whole new stories. ❤️ https://t.co/DjsRvTluMq

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