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  • Sat, 17:29: RT @FurFest: We’d like to take this opportunity to remind everyone that Midwest FurFest has a telegram channel! Join to stay updated on ann…
  • Sat, 17:29: RT @softedhearts: this is the calming cat. the calming cat cares about you, so she created a thread of relaxing gifs that could help you d…
  • Sat, 17:30: RT @problogger: “The best way to not feel hopeless is to get up and do something. Don’t wait for good things to happen to you. If you g…
  • Sat, 17:31: RT @majtague: Sassy Gay Friend in the movies: Oh honey, you didn’t break up with that fine hunk of man yet? You are toOoOoOo much! Sassy G…
  • Sat, 17:34: RT @Suntattoowolf: I think all of us furries can relate to this ^^ https://t.co/NIsKeg8go0
  • Sat, 17:34: RT @TheEllenShow: Happy birthday, @ChrisHemsworth! You’re beautiful inside and out. I mean that. I’ve seen you indoors. I’ve seen you outdo…
  • Sat, 17:37: RT @JoeSodium: Look I write stories about a pink and purple unicorn who loves math and even I find the phrase "magically energetic foam" to…
  • Sat, 17:59: RT @TDot_Babs: Literally me when someone comes up to me at a con and starts talking to me like we’re old pals...but I can’t remember for th…
  • Sat, 18:00: Ping @BatLabels https://t.co/zeKs70kFwr
  • Sat, 23:32: RT @ElliJCntryDiva: Anyone know anything about non-diabetic hypoglycemia and how to get your doctor to properly test for it?

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