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  • Mon, 17:24: RT @Lin_Manuel: Gnight to all you've learned & all you’re learning;The days that make you proud or hang your head low;A lowkey crush, a hig…
  • Mon, 17:24: RT @blambot: Next Monday, August 20th, I’ll be releasing a new font, Collection Complete BB, and I’m donating the first 3 weeks of net proc…
  • Mon, 17:25: RT @WaferBiscuits: Poor people deserve vacations. Poor people deserve healthy foods. Poor people deserve to not have their financial choice…
  • Mon, 17:27: RT @strredwolf: Label over the camera on a passenger’s laptop: MAKE A JOYFUL NOISE! Me, mentally: *DEEEEEEP BREATH*... yay.
  • Mon, 17:27: RT @seb_uHu: You mean the Orwell who literally traveled to Spain in order to kill fascists? That Orwell?
  • Mon, 17:29: I welcome our new female overlords! (Overladies?)
  • Mon, 17:30: RT @CoaldustPony:
  • Mon, 17:52: RT @_gaylex: I kissed my girlfriend on the cheek while waiting to cash out at Walmart and this little girl stared at us in amazement and sa…
  • Mon, 17:53: RT @JoshGrelle: So apparently the Nazis were complaining that they had nowhere to stay in DC for their rally because all the hotels were fu…
  • Mon, 17:54: RT @pixelatedboat: Herman Melville’s “Moby Dick” has perhaps the most memorable opening line in all of Western literature: “I hope you moth…
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