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My tweets

  • Thu, 16:14: TFW someone you used to know has murder charges against them dropped. >.> I feel like an extra in a Columbo episode.
  • Thu, 16:16: RT @Arijuno: Late Night Thoughts: Tell me this isn't just me.. *Me 10 years ago* Someone: bird. Me: Eh, they're okay. Though they are pr…
  • Thu, 16:17: RT @kennethhite: Anthony Mann died before realizing his long-time dream of making KING LEAR as a Western so screw killing Hitler let's go b…
  • Thu, 16:21: Or at least suspended from Twitter for 24 hours. https://t.co/K9ihCMf4wH
  • Thu, 16:22: RT @litzabronwyn: hot #dnd take: consider not doing what your character would do if it would take away from the fun of the other players
  • Thu, 16:22: RT @nbcbayarea: A bill requiring California prosecutors to erase or reduce tens of thousands of marijuana criminal convictions was approved…
  • Thu, 16:27: RT @fcrt: FOSTER NEEDED: Yogi’s owner is very sick and can’t continue to take care of him. If we can find a foster home, we can bring him i…
  • Thu, 16:29: RT @seananmcguire: Are you... ...a reader? ...a reader of mine (or someone who wants to be)? ...a resident of the US or Canada (excluding…
  • Thu, 16:37: RT @XianJaneway: Oh my gosh, it's the @swear_trek & @EffinBirds guy!!! He's an effin' genius! https://t.co/QiI7YEbX2K
  • Thu, 16:46: Flaily flaily flail! https://t.co/j9ZqTtgKdf
  • Thu, 17:58: RT @ForkFrenzy: If you want millennials to come to Hooters put some real life owls in there. This is not a joke tweet.
  • Thu, 17:58: RT @SmellyStrobes: This has me thinking 🧠 Has there ever been a fursuit swimsuit calendar? Perhaps there should be. https://t.co/TaVL6GU0Lh
  • Thu, 17:58: RT @bitterkarella: Now that I have some new followers, I'm gonna get all my controversial positions out up front: Trans people are valid, b…
  • Thu, 17:58: RT @_likeshine_: Current mood . https://t.co/8TcQG7t7Ya
  • Thu, 17:59: RT @vexwerewolf: Okay I'm gonna politely request all my transgender friends currently doing HRT refer to themselves as "biohackers" now ht…
  • Thu, 18:00: RT @dduane: Starting in the middle of the thread, here... be sure to back up and take it from the top. But this is the core of it. https://…
  • Thu, 18:02: RT @jere7my: Earnest is not bad. It has a place in romantic space pulp fantasy, even if it sometimes sounds tinny to our jaded ears. Star…
  • Thu, 19:08: RT @Ocasio2018: At this point, any candidate or official who doesn’t support Medicare for All could be seen as holding a “fringe” stance in…
  • Thu, 20:46: Broke: Tying a knot in a cherry stem with your tongue. Woke: Tying a knot in a cherry pit with your tongue.
  • Thu, 22:05: Gnite world, and have an awesome tomo– *thunk* zzzzz… https://t.co/BRA8WKdNE8

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