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  • Fri, 17:05: RT @zanzjan: This is Just to Say I have used all the tokens that were in my socializing jar and which I will probably take months to reco…
  • Fri, 17:06: RT @NullPriestess: If a witch needs to modify one of her existing spells... Does she use a hex editor?
  • Fri, 17:06: RT @BillCorbett: Being at an airport now means having to hear everyone’s loud, shitty, boring business conversations. We deserve better tha…
  • Fri, 17:07: RT @EmrgencyKittens: I need this kitty in my life ❤️❤️ Tag a friend who loves cats! 😻. 📹: catfriends1004 ❤️
  • Fri, 17:07: RT @Inkblitzer: I'm disappointed that the Dragon*Con foam light saber construction and battle panel is for kids only.
  • Fri, 17:09: Brilliant! Also, Nii-chan wants a cardboard box now. >.>
  • Fri, 17:11: RT @gdbeeart: Hi, I'm Geneva, a black freelance artist from NC. I love herbal tea, old school jrpgs, and drawing nondescript stars and flow…
  • Fri, 17:12: RT @crypticjordan: Do this today: Instead of shitting on a game you're not going to play or movie you're not going to watch, say something…
  • Fri, 17:13: RT @ChuckWendig: somebody once told me Smashmouth would be the oldies it used to be Bowie and Led Zep now I’m feelin kinda low because old…
  • Fri, 17:14: RT @byepoleher: I read this recently and I love it. Never make fun of someone if they mispronounce a word. It means they learned it by re…
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