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  • Thu, 18:12: RT @ChuckTingle: once you realize love is real it is very difficult to get riled https://t.co/uSSeykzHJC
  • Thu, 18:15: RT @alexandraerin: A while back, I tweeted that in case anyone isn't clear, we are well past the "first they came for" point. This is a b…
  • Thu, 18:16: RT @alexandraerin: I'm sure the "no need to panic" brigade would want us to point out that this affecting "only" hundreds or thousands of L…
  • Thu, 18:16: RT @alexandraerin: Because here is the thing about due process. Everybody gets it, or no one really has it. And from the moment the Trump…
  • Thu, 18:16: RT @alexandraerin: Some (white) people replied to suspension of due process for non-citizens by saying "Well, I could prove my citizenship…
  • Thu, 18:16: RT @alexandraerin: If we passed an amendment to the Constitution saying that Constitutional protections don't apply to waterbed repair tech…
  • Thu, 18:16: RT @alexandraerin: And to the sort of person who is sure that life operates on formal logic and strict proof, the sort of person who is sur…
  • Thu, 18:16: RT @alexandraerin: But that's part of the horror of a situation like this, part of why Kafka's The Trial is so viscerally uncomfortable to…
  • Thu, 18:32: RT @TobyOmi: can't drive gay: leo, capricorn, virgo, cancer can't maths gay: pisces, aries, aquarius, libra can't sit gay: taurus, scorpi…
  • Thu, 18:48: RT @DothTheDoth: Bitch, Gomez Addams https://t.co/ZoG5wKIepE

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