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  • Thu, 09:03: RT @SkittleAcid: When you Chee hat meme with style. @JTCheetah https://t.co/PJRt4QixKv
  • Thu, 09:05: RT @ccagraveheart: I... may or may not have made a cheap set of these out of foam, paper, and spraypaint... <3 https://t.co/79LvXxr3W4
  • Thu, 09:06: RT @StTabitha: Terrible when you misapprehend an instruction and throw your sacrifice at an avocado rather than into a volcano.
  • Thu, 11:22: RT @BranwenBingle: My son described me to his school friend this morning: "She's a doctor, but not the kind that makes you better. She's li…
  • Thu, 11:23: RT @lanibirdtweets: man people sleep on The Cat Returns and it's honestly a crime. It's the best non-Miyazaki/Takahata Ghibli film by a *l…
  • Thu, 11:24: RT @renfamous: HEY COMIC PROS Nobody who is mad about you using block lists/block chain is mad ‘cause they’d planned on telling you how ni…
  • Thu, 11:47: RT @theb00kwitch: Y’all can pry the word queer from my cold dead hands tbh. I am more than just one letter in the acronym and using queer a…
  • Thu, 11:48: RT @BoozyBadger: PRIOR TO THE END OF THIS MONTH I want you ALL to check your voter registrations and know: 1) That you are a registered ac…
  • Thu, 11:49: RT @HollyDunsworth: Me, scrolling through free movies: Penguins? ... Rio? ... Ice Age? 4-year-old: No ... no... no Me: Ghostbusters, but…
  • Thu, 11:49: RT @lacvbana: Do u ever make eye contact w a girl walking down the street and she’s so beautiful u know ur gonna think abt it for the rest…

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