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  • Mon, 10:23: RT @TheAuthorGuy: Your Daily Affirmation: I am in complete control of my super powers and the others don't even suspect. I channel my powe…
  • Mon, 10:24: Yes. Yes it did.
  • Mon, 10:25: RT @wizardquoll: Someone: your art is too expensive Me: okay don’t buy it Them:
  • Mon, 10:43: And now it’s time to hop off Twitter and get my awesome on. See you crazy tweeps later!
  • Mon, 10:51: RT @TheVengeant: Don’t let fascists have Satanism. Don’t let them take Black Metal. Or punk rock, Norse mythology, anime, video games, hips…
  • Mon, 10:52: RT @MrFilmkritik: This made me laugh: Democrats elected eight scientists in the midterms. Republicans elected three felons and a dead pimp.
  • Mon, 11:38: RT @DrBlinkShrink: Most counselors find a few quarters or tissues lodged in their couch cushions. As a superhero therapist, I find smoke gr…
  • Mon, 11:56: RT @ChuckWendig: I know some folks slept on LEGEND OF KORRA -- I would argue it's less even than A:TLA -- but really, don't. If you haven't…
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