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  • Sun, 08:49: RT @CaseyExplosion: Hey folks, I want you all to pay very close attention to the "rapid onset gender dysphoria" hoax being perpetuated by T…
  • Sun, 08:49: RT @ToadallyPriya: toad around, bright eyes 😍
  • Sun, 08:58: RT @AMAZlNGNATURE: hope this video of a red panda eating grapes makes your day better
  • Sun, 09:27: RT @JimMFelton: Charles Dicken’s A Christmas Carol - What the fuck, no muppets A Christmas Carol (1962) - What the fuck, no muppets A Ch…
  • Sun, 09:27: RT @MelloMakes: I've made a lo-fi interpretation of the Godzilla theme set to this video of Godzilla sleeping underwater. Please share with…
  • Sun, 09:28: RT @anne_theriault: Michael Caine interacting with Miss Piggy et al in The Muppet Christmas Carol with as much earnestness and commitment a…
  • Sun, 09:29: RT @mewmoia: Stop visiting people's profiles who you have vowed you want nothing to do with. Stop checking up on people who have hurt you a…
  • Sun, 09:32: Wait, wait, wait. It’s @foalpapers’s birthday? Why doesn’t somebody TELL me these things? HAPPY BIRTHDAY DUDE!
  • Sun, 11:13: RT @ben_towle: I'm not sure what the heck's going on with how E. C. Segar draws cows and horses in his early strips, but I'm 100% in favor…
  • Sun, 11:14: RT @sarahcpr: Wanna feel old? Well the--- oh, you don't want to feel old? You already feel old? Every single day? Oh. Ok. Nevermind then
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