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  • Thu, 17:00: I am a white lion, King of Animals in Africa. It’s kinda rough these days, but when we get in trouble and we’re in… https://t.co/R7d4HB4cCv
  • Thu, 17:04: “Sorry, which planet is this again?” https://t.co/LF6SEwZwN6
  • Thu, 17:04: RT @makerfairenova: 🚀 THANK YOU TO EVERYONE FOR LAST NIGHT’S AWESOME MAKER FAIRE NOVA LAUNCH PARTY! We had a blast!! 🚀 @makerfairenova #mak
  • Thu, 17:16: RT @SenWhitehouse: .@senatemajldr McConnell clearly knows about the United States Constitution’s Presentment Clause override provisions, an…
  • Thu, 17:16: RT @SenWhitehouse: .@senatemajldr also knows that the bills that would end the shutdown got huge, veto-proof majorities in the Senate. Th…
  • Thu, 17:16: RT @WaterstonesTCR: A little known fact about books is that their words can be transferred by osmosis and diffusion. Simply exist in close…
  • Thu, 17:17: RT @happymappyart: I designed the flyer for the Denpa Song Roujinkai DJ event in Kawasaki! Here's my drawing of the super cute mascot desig…
  • Thu, 18:31: RT @hankgreen: It's really cool how dental care isn't covered by health insurance because of how, as everyone knows, the mouth is not techn…
  • Thu, 18:32: RT @ccfinlay: As merylisk and siderealsandman on tumblr pointed out, Luke Skywalker's message to Jabba the Hut in Return of the Jedi also w…
  • Thu, 18:42: I never did once get adults to believe that the system rewarded and incentivized the bullies, because that would ha… https://t.co/wj9Gxdr5uw

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