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  • Sun, 17:36: I get the distinct feeling Mark is trying to inherit the title of Your Internet Dad from @TheRealNimoy
  • Sun, 17:46: RT @thalestral: "Is your dog a boy or a girl?" He's pronoun indifferent "Okay but do I say good boy or girl?" Either is fine People keep a…
  • Sun, 17:46: RT @millsbw: #JackieChanAdventures (The JC Group/Blue Train Entertainment/Adelaide Productions/Columbia TriStar Television, 2000 - 2005, 95…
  • Sun, 17:47: RT @noahbradley: 1. Use more reference. 2. If you paint a background, don't be lazy with it. 3. Design strong values. Think big shapes. 4.…
  • Sun, 17:48: RT @mcclure111: Reminder, the orange area here is what the border enforcement agencies consider to be "the border". In this orange range, t…
  • Sun, 18:17: RT @MohanadElshieky: This morning, ICE agents got on my Greyhound bus that was headed from Spokane to Portland. They walked around before t…
  • Sun, 18:45: RT @DothTheDoth: Girl, are you a haunted house because I know I will never survive this.
  • Sun, 18:45: RT @greg_doucette: Thread, on ICE being a rogue agency that needs to be abolished
  • Sun, 19:30: RT @KrystinaArielle: I👏🏾 Will 👏🏾 Respect👏🏾 Your👏🏾 Opinion👏🏾 As👏🏾 Long👏🏾 As👏🏾 It👏🏾 Doesn't👏🏾 Disrespect👏🏾 My👏🏾 Existence👏🏾
  • Sun, 19:46: RT @thalestral: But I think it is important for folk in the US to realise, their democracy is not normal, or healthy, or the envy of the wo…
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