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  • Mon, 09:30: They say “do what you love and the money will follow.” Currently trying to find a way to monetize putting Facebook out of business.
  • Mon, 09:45: RT @BrianZahnd: Beware of cultivating perpetual rage. There's much to be angry about, but your soul cannot bear the strain of perpetual rag…
  • Mon, 09:50: RT @Huskyteer: This is probably the best holiday photo I took. I call it: Goats Who Stare At Women.
  • Mon, 11:04: Fish in Trees: Giving Good Critique
  • Mon, 11:05: RT @AbuYoshi: I asked my sister why Arab moms are so loud and she told me about her research in feminist therapy that found women who come…
  • Mon, 11:07: RT @emilylorange: disney wouldn't have to buy every media company in existence and mine them for ideas if they hadn't spent longer than my…
  • Mon, 11:14: RT @swankmotron: Fellow men: if you see or hear stuff like either of these situations, DO SOMETHING. Otherwise we're complicit in this horr…
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