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  • Mon, 11:41: I was looking for a good reason to check out of the MCU.
  • Mon, 11:58: RT @LEGGYPOP: Yes, this. There are some folx in the comments expressing concern abt how they'll be affected since they never felt extreme d…
  • Mon, 11:59: RT @confusedophan: redefine masculinity for yourself. you don’t have to be hard & uncaring to be masculine, you can be soft, kind, enthusia…
  • Mon, 11:59: RT @ksonney: Spider Web Tats and Barbed Wire tats are so common that it is not a reliable "dogwhistle" - most of the others line up, tho. h…
  • Mon, 11:59: RT @my2k: see? see?? look at this shit. You look at horrific statistics about global climate change but LOOK at this shit. hope isn't los…
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