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  • Sun, 08:24: RT @ava: “Police investigating the activist's death urge anyone with information about the case to call detectives at 225-389-4869 or Crime…
  • Sun, 08:56: RT @DailyPlum: “Have you forgotten what I told you the other day?” “Yes,” said Lord Emsworth. He always forgot what people told him the oth…
  • Sun, 08:58: RT @edenblack_txt: Before she left the house, my wife brought the Switch upstairs, gently set it next to me on the bed, and said "Sundays a…
  • Sun, 09:24: RT @Celeste_pewter: LA friends -
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    Tue, 13:42: RT @ multiclass_geek: @ the_gneech Tue, 14:09: Fun fact: I had a D&D character named Tarsakh long…

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    Mon, 12:12: RT @ Morbid_Mist: Remember; every 'canon' character was once an OC/self insert! Have fun and draw what gives you serotonin!…

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    Sun, 15:45: RT @ seananmcguire: Today's D&D reminder: it doesn't matter if you roll AMAZING stats if that uses up all your good rolls for…

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