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Yay! A Day Off, So I Can Get Some Work Done!

'tis an odd feeling, that your job constantly interferes with your work. But unfortunately, my vocation has very skewed income distribution -- i.e., a small handful of people in the profession get ALL the money, not just most of it -- and not being one of the small handful at the moment, I've got to get by as best I can.

(I may manage to become one of the small handful at some point, but I've got other fish to fry at the moment.)

Anyway, I've already banged out some more scripts for "When Wally Met Mikey" today, and I'm just getting started. Let's see what else is on the Too Much To Do List!

  • AC conbook artwork -- The Other Tiffarella (April 25)
  • SJ Grab Bag for Saturday, Strips for Mon & Weds (April 25)
  • Gather SJ strips for Book 3 (April 25)
  • Buy new boots (April 25)
  • Scan TCM strips for Book 3 (April 26)
  • Cover art / inserts for Book 3 (April 26)
  • Get my hair trimmed (April 26)
  • Buy a second car! =:o (April 26 - 27)
  • Send Book 3 files to Dave @ Plan 9 (April 27)
  • Move files to external HD (April 27)
  • Work out printing issues for MMMart (April)
  • Dover t-shirt design for AC (April)
  • New buttons for AC (May)
  • AC charity auction pic? Artwork to sell at AC? (May)
  • Investigate access problem w/ (May)
  • Contact Wade re: 9netave account (May)
  • SJ Site Redesign/ site/ (May)
  • Gnorman commish for Azriphale (May)
  • Furbid auction artwork for on-hand cash? (sometime)
  • Investigate housing options (May/June)
  • Gag cartoons for New Yorker or other markets? (May/June)
  • "Tiger on Your Table" b/w (June)

Whoof, that's a lot! But I'm full of energy and rarin' to go today, and I think I can pull it off. :) Catcha later!

-The Gneech
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