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  • Sun, 12:35: RT @BettyBowers: Meanwhile, back in the real world . . . USA: Church Attendance: 47% School Shootings (2009-18): 288 UK: Church Attenda…
  • Sun, 12:43: RT @_le_hibou: To people who follow artists: It may not be obvious but artists do notice followers who regularly interact or reply to their…
  • Sun, 12:48: RT @thalestral: Bigotry cloaked in deniable irony, satire or sarcasm is still bigotry. And if you doubt that, you really aren't sharp enou…
  • Sun, 12:51: It’s been over 12 hours since I chatted with @Inkblitzer. Should I slide into his mentions like Miles Morales?
  • Sun, 13:03: Dear @Starbucks: your app thinks pumpkin spice is still “out of season” even tho stores have it. Please fix.
  • Sun, 14:00: RT @BigHern: At the end of the movie CONTACT, Jodie Foster’s character sees a beautiful alien planet and says, “They should’ve sent a poet”…
  • Sun, 14:00: RT @NitrateDiva: I love THE BLACK CAT so much. Karloff and Lugosi having intensely sinister conversations while wearing Deco loungewear in…
  • Sun, 14:15: RT @SlyFlourish: #dnd tip: Change the hooks in published adventures if the one in your head will grab your players more than the one in the…
  • Sun, 22:40: o/` Duuuuuust in the wind… all we are is duuust in the wiiiind… o/`
  • Mon, 07:46: On the other hand, bisexuals gain advantage on all Insight and Perception checks, so, it could be worse.
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