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  • Thu, 16:40: RT @ColleenDoran: Aw, thank you!
  • Thu, 16:40: RT @Falconry_Centre: On this rather chilly morning. Here is something cute and fuzzy to give you a giggle. Pingu having a bit of fun yester…
  • Thu, 16:40: RT @HamillHimself: ...but I prefer being called MISTER Flibbertigibbet as a sign of respect.
  • Thu, 16:41: RT @RareLtd: Overheard at Rare: "Everything has a spicy equivalent! Where onions are spicy apples, bumblebees are spicy flies. Pepper is ju…
  • Thu, 19:07: *pokes @SeiferA*
  • Thu, 19:24: RT @moviedetail: In LOTR Return of the King (2003), we see Denethor holding Boromir's broken horn. We actually see the horn being broken af…
  • Thu, 19:25: RT @Pramas: Watching dudes in a discussion about the Dead Kennedys in a punk group talk about how they don't like entertainers being politi…
  • Thu, 20:01: RT @TheOnion: Trump Lifts Obama-Era Protections Trapping Gangthor The Malevolent In Tomb Deep Within Murky Depths Of Pacific Ocean https://…
  • Thu, 21:34: TFW you stat up a CR 9 kobold. #DnD
  • Thu, 22:08: Not in this particular case, but still...
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