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  • Thu, 10:06: RT @JesseLehrich: MONDAY: Rudy Gobert, mocking coronavirus precautions, touches every mic at his media avail. TONIGHT: Gobert tests positi…
  • Thu, 10:33: RT @marktspence: You fool--that's Ovaltine! Quarantine is when a material is folded into alternating ridges to give it structural strength.…
  • Thu, 10:33: RT @eXAKR: That’s Ovaltine, I believe. Quarantine is the name of a Stephen King novel (and John Carpenter movie based on the novel) about a…
  • Thu, 10:35: RT @mapmakerdavid: The coronavirus pandemic is exposing a fundamental flaw of the global neoliberal economy: the whole system is built on p…
  • Thu, 10:35: RT @Ruth_A_Buzzi: I told myself I really ought to stop drinking. But why should I listen to a drunk who talks to herself?
  • Thu, 10:38: RT @MagsVisaggs: everyone wants to be like "socialism bad" until a pandemic shows up and you cant afford to get treated for it
  • Thu, 11:29: RT @VividSyntax: That's Ovaltine. Quarantine is a hard, crystalline mineral that's often used as an oscillator in watches.
  • Thu, 11:30: RT @demiurgent: That's Ovaltine. A quarantine is the minimum number of people required in a governmental body to be able to debate or vote…
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