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  • Thu, 10:30: RT @Literature_Lady: We've got this. If our human ancestors could get through the Great Plague of 1665, we can get through this crisis too.…
  • Thu, 10:30: RT @Literature_Lady: We are also kind and resourceful. Throughout history, it has been the ordinary people who have helped others pull thro…
  • Thu, 10:30: RT @Literature_Lady: YOU are the hero in this. While doctors & nurses are on the front lines of the crisis, it is up to us to take care of…
  • Thu, 10:30: RT @alpacking: whoaaa, so surreal seeing this place empty cause of the quarantine its crazy
  • Thu, 10:31: RT @Literature_Lady: We can get through this because we have YOU. We have each other. And...we have cat gifs.🥰
  • Thu, 10:48: Honestly the most amazing part is that the cats sat still while people set up dominoes around them.
  • Thu, 10:53: RT @seananmcguire: That ten minute window after washing my hands where I'm allowed to touch my face is currently the best part of my day.
  • Thu, 10:55: May end up moving my #DnD game to Roll20 ’til this mess blows over.
  • Thu, 11:19: RT @MSNBC: Minnesota has classified grocery store workers as emergency personnel, allowing them to access free child care provided by the s…
  • Thu, 11:25: RT @AstroKatie: [Cake voice] We’re KEEPING our DISTANCE We’re all QUARANTINED We stay alone (ALL ALONE), for our friends in their time of…
  • Thu, 11:34: Dude. I’m Gen X. I -get- it. But enough with the boomer hate already. -.- You freakin’ love Bob Ross, Dolly Parton,…
  • Thu, 11:36: RT @neuronbomb: This is a note from your friendly local therapist saying “if you feel fucking weird right now, that is normal; you don’t ha…
  • Thu, 11:51: Welp, Quaint & Quirky Neighborhood Bookshop officially closing for the rest of the month after tomorrow.
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