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  • Sun, 22:27: RT @alyssalimp: pre-isolation: ah there's a bug in here kill it!!! now: hello Kendra the bug welcome to our home may we interest you in a…
  • Sun, 22:27: RT @ScaniGryph: When you staff a con, you mentally prepare to peak on one weekend. When a con is cancelled, it takes away that peak a year…
  • Sun, 22:28: RT @costaggini: no.. one... cleans like Gaston quarantines like Gaston no one stops spreading COVID-19 like Gaston
  • Sun, 22:36: RT @hexcrawl: Jean Wells' PALACE OF THE SILVER PRINCESS would have been the closest TSR ever got to publishing the Arnesonian megadungeon d…
  • Sun, 22:37: RT @prinxeMu: Everyone has a Star Trek that's their Star Trek and it tells you everything you need to know about that person. I'm TOS+TAS b…
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