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So ... This is Seattle...

I think somebody at the Weather Bureau got confused. They were told "send a never-ending stream of cold, rainy days to Washington," and didn't realize that was supposed to be the state, not the city.

Yesterday was one of this area's five yearly alloted "really nice days," which are definitely not supposed to come in June, and today it's cold and rainy again. There's no explanation that makes sense, other than that we're getting somebody else's weather.

I'd like to point out here, that I'm not complaining. Cold, rainy days are better than suffocating white haze of two hundred degrees and 600% humidity. Whoever's getting our weather wrong, KEEP DOING IT!

IN OTHER NEWS: Got another character Q&A drawn today. :) I'll probably post it tonight.

IN OTHER OTHER NEWS: I wanna do some gaming! Argh!

-The Gneech

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